My Stance on the GCL image

I do not support the Glassboro to Camden Line (GCL) as currently proposed. I am not against public transportation, but I am in favor of more a more environmentally friendly, economic/adaptable smart growth approach.

Using the same route from the 1800's to provide rail transportation to areas that are already served by a network of highways and roads that currently have multimillion-dollar reconstruction projects underway is wasteful.  

With population and business/industrial growth spreading out from the established communities along the current rail and highway system, we need a transportation solution that can be utilized to access these areas and connect them to the established routes.

An alternative solution would be a network of environmentally friendly rapid transit busses (known as BRT). These bus routes and service times could be easily adjusted to maximize their effectiveness and ridership without the expensive construction costs of train rails.  Rails that once established, can not be moved if found they are not servicing the community effectively. 

Just because we are not for the GCL project proposal in its current form does not mean I am against public transportation, union jobs, etc.  

I pledge that if elected, I will listen to our resident's concerns and input regarding the GCL project and represent the resident's concerns and opinions regarding this very important issue in our town. I will propose a resolution that Mantua Township has concerns and are against the GCL proposal in its current form.