Pro Taxpayer

Do more, with less!

Government, at every level, should be slim and efficient. We need to offer the best possible services, for the lowest cost to the taxpayers. By increasing our ratables and seeking outside sources of revenue- we can increase our quality of services, while keeping our costs low. We will re-evaluate our current business contracts and shared services agreements and find ways to streamline spending while not reducing services to our residents.

Pro Business

Improve Economic Development

Our local government's role in our town's economy should be to support and empower businesses to start and grow. We will re-evaluate the town's zoning map and master plan.. We plan on working with private partners to create a downtown walkable shopping district. We also plan to use PILOT programs to attract new businesses to our town. We want to fill our vacant storefronts, not demolish our dwindling natural landscape for new construction.

Pro Parent/Family

Empower Parents To Be Involved

With parental rights and education being at the forefront of many people's minds, our goal is to involve parents on any decisions that may affect them or their families. This may include township programs, educational seminars, and planned infrastructure projects like parks and activities. We want to bring back the "community" feel of the old Mantua by restoring programs and events that we used to host.

Pro Law Enforcement

Provide Tools, Resources, and Training

Mantua has top notch police officers that protect and serve our community. We will defend and support our police by providing them the equipment and resources they need to do their job. This means offering higher education and advanced training so our officers can grow within the department. We will heavily focus on the community outreach aspect of the department to keep our residents aware of community issues in the township.